Order FREE Medication Lock Boxes

South Dakota Resource Hotline 1-800-920-4343

A medication lock box is a secure, locked container used to store medications in a home or living facility. A lock box ensures medicine is only accessible to the prescription holder.

The SD Resource Hotline and Helpline Center provides free medication lock boxes to individuals, businesses, and organizations by: 

  • Assisting realtors in providing lock boxes to their clients so medications can be securely stored during open houses 
  • Working with senior living centers
  • Coordinating with pharmacies 
  • And more!
How to order a medication lock box

Individuals, businesses, and organizations can order free medication lock boxes two ways:

  1. Call the SD Resource Hotline at 1-800-920-4343
  2. Fill out an online medication lock box order form (It takes less than five minutes!)

Lock boxes will take 2-3 weeks to arrive. Questions about your lock box order? Contact the SD Resource Hotline at 1-800-920-4343

Promote safe storage guidelines

Share these basic storage guidelines with anyone who has medication in their homes or living areas:

  • Put medications and vitamins up and away, out of children’s reach and sight. Be prepared in case of an emergency. Call your poison control center at 1-800-222-1222 right away if you think your child might have gotten into a medicine or vitamin, even if you are not completely sure.
  • Put all over-the-counter and prescription medications away after each use. This includes medicines and vitamins you use every day.
  • Make sure the safety cap is locked.
  • Teach your kids about medicine safety. About 50,000 children end up in emergency rooms each year because they got into medicines while an adult wasn’t looking.
  • Ask family members, houseguests, and other visitors to keep purses, bags, or coats that have medicine out of sight and reach of children when they are in your home.

Learn more about the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention campaign to encourage storing medications safely.