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Jayne: My addiction started out very innocently.

As a healthcare professional, Jayne never dreamed her life would take this path. Her seemingly harmless prescription for back pain became a full blown addiction. “If you’re struggling,” she says, “pick up that thousand pound phone and get help before it’s too late.” If you need help, don’t wait. You just might save a life. Call 1-800-920-4343 now.

Well, my addiction started out very innocently. I would have never dreamed that I was going to take this path in my life. I had a back issue and so I was prescribed some Vicodin for it. It just happened before I knew it. And then I couldn’t stop, I couldn’t turn back. I felt hopeless. I don’t know what I was going to do, I’d ruined my family, my career, everything. I did things in my addiction that I would never do otherwise. It was totally against my grain, my ethics, my morals. It’s never the way I was raised. I just wished I would’ve asked for help long before it got as bad as it did. Opioids deserve to be treated with respect. I think the seriousness of it isn’t always understood by people until it’s too late. People do recover and they can recover. Pick up that thousand pound phone and call somebody.

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