Melanie: Opioids—you cannot outsmart them. | Avoid Opioid SD
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Melanie: Opioids—you cannot outsmart them.

Anyone can struggle with addiction. Listen to what Melanie has to say about their struggles with opioid addiction. If you or someone you know feels lost and unsure of where to turn, call the Resource Hotline. A Care Coordinator will help you find your personal path to recovery. Don’t wait. Learn more at

I think for me, when I started feeling like I couldn’t get through the day without the use of opioids is the point where I wish I would have asked for help. I want to tell the people of South Dakota about opioids — that you cannot outsmart them. They are like an entity on their own. And they will change who you are as a person. If I could do this all over, I would ask for help. I wouldn’t be afraid to reach out to people and let them know. Because knowing now what I know, and being in the recovery community, there’s no judgment in the recovery community. It’s okay. It’s okay to get help.

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