Melanie: This doesn’t happen to me. | Avoid Opioid SD
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Melanie: This doesn’t happen to me.

Melanie was sure she had prescription opioid use under control. Addiction was the furthest thing from her mind until it all came crashing down. If you need help, don’t wait. You just might save a life. Call 1-800-920-4343 now.

I had three surgeries within about a three year time frame. By the third surgery, I started using the medication more and more to get through my day. It totally changed who I was. I know deep down that I am not a bad person, that I’m a really good person. But I did a lot of bad things when I was using. In the beginning there was still a part of me that thought, “I’m stronger than this.” Like, “This doesn’t happen to me.” I really didn’t think that I could be an addict. But I am. If you’re struggling, find help. There’s hope. Life can be good again.

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