Brand Standards

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Marketing and communication messages work best when they are consistent. Using the same phrases, facts, graphics, images, and calls to action will help build awareness and make the most of your promotional efforts. This is especially important in health marketing where the end goal is often positive behavior change.

Mission & Purpose

The Avoid Opioid brand was developed in response to the ongoing national opioid crisis. The primary intent of this brand and messaging is to build public awareness and to:

  • Educate South Dakotans about the dangers of opioid use, misuse, and addiction
  • Inform communities about preventative measures that can be taken to keep families safe
  • Direct families and loved ones to available services and resources

To learn more about the objectives, goals, and strategies developed by the South Dakota Departments of Health and Social Services and the South Dakota Prescription Opioid Abuse Advisory Committee please see the South Dakota Opioid Abuse Strategic Plan.

Conditions of Use

The materials made available in the media library are intended to be used by coalitions, educators, and the general public. We encourage you to share widely and often to help raise awareness in your community.

Avoid Opioid SD messages have been developed specifically for South Dakota. All messages are evidence-based and have been approved by the South Dakota Departments of Health and Social Services.

Avoid Opioid brand standards were established to ensure consistency in various media applications. The South Dakota Departments of Health and Social Services reserve the right to review all materials that use the Avoid Opioid logo/brand to ensure graphic standards are followed.

Manipulation of the logo or resetting of any part of the logotype or graphic elements provided in any Avoid Opioid materials is expressly prohibited.

Questions about the Media Library?

We encourage you to share these evidence-based messages widely and often. If you have any questions about how to use these materials, reach out and let us know how we can help.

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