Care Coordination

South Dakota Resource Hotline 1-800-920-4343

Those struggling with addiction can feel isolated and hopeless. A Care Coordinator provides the support you or your family may be missing and helps develop a plan for recovery.

Care Coordination is a FREE, confidential service available for all South Dakotans. Call the Resource Hotline at  1-800-920-4343 and ask to speak with a Care Coordinator.

What is a Care Coordinator?

Care Coordinators are trained specialists with additional training for opioid misuse and abuse support. They are especially helpful when it comes to knowing what options are available and for taking the first steps toward recovery.

They understand your challenges with addiction, identify your stumbling blocks to recovery, and lay the groundwork as you transition into treatment.

Participants schedule calls with their Care Coordinator, during which they can help you:

  • Locate behavioral health centers or healthcare facilities near you
  • Explore treatment and payment options
  • Connect with peer coaching or other mental health services
  • Schedule healthcare appointments
  • Find resources such as housing, employment, and food assistance
What does it cost?

The Care Coordination program is a FREE service.

Additional costs may be associated with treatment. However, please don’t let cost discourage you from calling—funding support is available for those in need and a Care Coordinator is there to help you navigate and explain your options.

What happens when I call?

Every Care Coordination client brings their unique perspective and experiences which in turn helps determine the level of support they want or need and what will be most comfortable for them. Our first priority is to ensure safety. Then further options and paths for recovery are addressed. Some of the things you can expect when you call include:

  1. Care Coordinators who will listen.
    Your experience and motivation to call is important information that helps them understand your personal situation, and work with you to find the help that best fits your needs.
  2. Identify strengths and barriers to recovery.
    Care Coordinators are trained to help you take those critical first steps to recovery. Determining what you’re good at, as well as your weaknesses, will go a long way toward finding the best path.
  3. Recommend a health assessment.
    A Care Coordinator may suggest you see a healthcare provider or an addiction counselor for an evaluation of your medical, social, and family history. This often leads to a more personalized recommendation for treatment, counseling, medication, or other services.
  4. Scheduling.
    Care Coordinators will give you information about the nearest provider, walk-in hours, costs, and may even call ahead to schedule an appointment for you.
  5. Review.
    If the healthcare provider or addiction counselor signs a release during the assessment, the Care Coordinator can review your results which will help them further support you.
  6. Follow-up.
    Care Coordinators can follow up with you after the assessment, can arrange appointments as recommended, and set up a plan for ongoing contact.
  7. Ongoing Support.
    Care Coordinators can stay in contact with your healthcare provider, and act as your experienced ally and advocate throughout your journey toward sobriety. The length of the program varies for each individual, and you can end the service whenever you feel ready. However, your Care Coordinator will be there for you as long as you need the support to sustain your recovery.
Who can participate in Care Coordination?

This FREE, confidential service is available for anyone struggling that doesn’t know where to turn, including:

  • Individuals struggling with addiction, including opioid (prescription or illicit) misuse or abuse
  • Family members or friends that need extra support and guidance
If I choose to participate, what is the commitment?

It’s extremely flexible and totally up to you:

  • Care Coordination is available as long as you need support (often through the first year) or as long as you need the
    support to sustain your recovery.
  • You may schedule calls with a Care Coordinator in whatever way best fits your needs and schedule.
  • You can opt out of Care Coordination at any time.

How do I start Care Coordination?

Call the Resource Hotline at 1-800-920-4343 and ask to speak with a Care Coordinator. During your first call, your Care Coordinator will walk you through the available options. If you choose to continue, you’ll schedule calls on days and times that work best for you.

Or, sign up online by filling out the form below and a Care Coordinator will call you.


If you are interested in Care Coordination, please call the Resource Hotline at 1-800-920-4343 for more information.

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