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Lewis & Clark Behavioral Health Services, Inc. (LCBHS)

Medication-Assisted Treatment in Yankton, SD

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Call: 605-665-4606 or toll free 1-800-765-3382
24 hours per day, seven days per week

Clinic location
1028 Walnut St.
Yankton, SD 57078

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Tuesday, Thursday
8 a.m. – 8 p.m.

About telehealth

Lewis & Clark provides telehealth through the agencies listed here—contact them directly to schedule MAT/MOUD services:

  • Capital Area Counseling in Pierre, SD • 605-224-5811
  • Dakota Counseling in Mitchell, SD • 605-996-9686
  • Pathways, provided by Behavior Management Systems in Rapid City, SD • 605-343-0650
  • Behavioral Health & Wellness in Brookings, SD • 605-697-2850
  • Community Counseling Services in Huron, SD • 605-352-8596
  • Human Service Agency in Watertown, SD • 605-886-0123
  • Southern Plains Behavioral Health Services in Winner, SD • 605-842-1465
  • Three Rivers Mental Health and Chemical Dependency Center in Lemmon, SD • 605-374-3862
Our approach to treatment

MAT/MOUD is offered to people who have moderate to severe opioid dependence. Because there is a complex relationship between health, mental health, and addiction, our staff provides an integrated approach that focuses on the whole person.

There are three ways to schedule an appointment with LCBHS:

  • Call 605-665-4606 to schedule an appointment
  • Referral from your healthcare provider
  • Referral following a treatment needs assessment from an accredited Substance Use Treatment Provider

You can often be seen on the same day that you call or are referred.

No matter how you enter services, you will receive assessments to determine whether or not MAT/MOUD is appropriate for you and to help determine the most appropriate level of care. If MAT/MOUD is determined to be an option, staff provide education about the different forms of MAT/MOUD.

Two forms of MAT/MOUD are offered at LCBHS:
  1. Treatment with Buprenorphine
  2. Treatment with short- or long-acting Naltrexone

Together you develop a plan with your provider for the specific form of MAT/MOUD treatment, level of care, and length of service based on your individual needs.

Initial drug screening is required as are laboratory studies depending on history and type of MAT/MOUD. Ongoing random drug testing is an integral part of treatment. Medically monitored withdrawal management is provided in a residential setting and is available if needed.

There is not a set time length for MAT/MOUD. While many people may need to stay on medication indefinitely, others may choose to taper off or discontinue using MAT/MOUD medications.

Cost of Medication-Assisted Treatment

LCBHS provides MAT/MOUD services at a reduced fee or no cost basis depending on income and individual third party coverage.


Call Lewis & Clark Behavioral Health Services, Inc. at 605-665-4606.

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